Once the details for your campus event are confirmed, it's time to begin exploring options for promoting your event. The information below outlines the services available in MarComm OneStop through the "Promote An Event" ticket, as well as additional tactics you can deploy to promote your event. 

Submit a Promote an Event Request

Using the "Promote An Event" request form, you can:

Note: A weekly WSU Events Calendar is sent to local and regional media partners on Mondays during the academic year. To have your event included, submit your "Promote An Event" request by noon the preceding Friday.

Consider Additional DIY Promotional Tactics

  • Campus Email - If the target audience for your event includes WSU faculty, staff and administrators, you could consider drafting and sending a personalized email invitation to all WSU employees. (Note: This distribution list is accessible only to WSU employees.)
  • Social Media - Promoting an event via social media is a great way to reach people who have already shown interest by following your Facebook page.
  • Public Service Announcement - If your event is open to the public and your target audience includes the greater Winona community and/or region, you might consider drafting a public service announcement (PSA) to send to local and regional media partners.
  • Other Media Opportunities
    • Op-Ed Submission - Our local print media partners invite opinion submissions from readers on various topics. Click below to learn more.