To get your posters hung up on general campus-use bulletin boards, take copies to the offices listed in the chart below for review/approval and/or distribution. Please note the maximum number of copies per location listed below. Posters will be hung only on bulletin boards that have been approved for general campus use.

Any student, employee or club may request posters be distributed for WSU-related announcements, events, developments, activities or achievements. 

Offices in Charge of Campus-Use Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Board Location(s)    
Max. Copies
Gildemeister 103
Gildemeister Hall    
Student Resource Center
(1st floor Kryzsko Commons)
Kryzsko Commons    

See the full policy for posters in the Student Union.
Housing & Residence Office
(2nd Floor Kryzsko Commons)
Residence Halls
Academic Year: 74
Summer Term: 12
PAC 215
DuFresne Performing Arts Center
Phelps 126
Phelps Hall
Minne 206
Minne Hall
Circulation Desk
(1st Floor Library)
Krueger Library
Watkins 204
Watkins Hall
Stark 203
Stark Hall & Science Laboratory Center
Retiree Center Office
(Alumni House)
Alumni House
Somsen 204
Advancement Office
Somsen 205
Somsen Hall
OERC front deskEducation Village - Wabasha Recreation Center1
TotalAll CampusAcademic Year: 93
Summer Term: 32

Across campus there are bulletin boards that have been designated for department or club use only, and you may not hang posters in these locations. However, you may reach out to the specified department or club to ask if they would be willing to allow your poster on their bulletin board.

It is strongly encouraged to submit posters to the offices listed above. If you choose to hang posters on departmental bulletin boards without approval or post in other campus locations, your posters may be removed and disposed of without warning.

In addition, please note that posters/flyers may not: 

  • obscure the view of egress signage, way-finding signage, or emergency equipment
  • be placed on steps or railings