The WSU website is a great way to reach a large number of people at relatively low effort and cost. In the Promote an Event request form, you can choose to update your department website with event information. 

Department Websites

An announcement section is one way to call attention to department events, stories or reminders to take action. 

These sections are positioned in top corner of the right-side column and paired with an eye-catching graphic.  

Here are a few examples: 

Some department websites also have a webpage dedicated to events which should always be kept up to date with the latest information. Event webpages can be organized in different ways depending on the number of events, for example: 

In addition to your own department website, other campus offices might be willing to share your event on their websites as well. Consider reaching out to teams that have similar goals and audiences and ask if they'd help promote your event. 


Areas Reserved by University Marketing & Communications 

There are certain areas of the website that are curated by the University Marketing & Communications team because they are prominent webpages with limited space for promoting events. We need to use these areas strategically to target recruitment and retention goals for the university.  

The University Marketing and Communications team reviews submitted requests and uses editorial discretion to determine which content will be featured in these locations. 


Winona State’s homepage is the front page of the university’s primary website. Content promoted on the homepage appeals to a wide audience, so space is typically reserved for large events and high-level stories or campus announcements. 

When an event or story is featured on the homepage, a high-resolution image and a link to learn more must also be available.



Spotlights are the three tabs visible at the bottom of the WSU homepage, college homepages and a few other department webpages. 


Student eHomes and Faculty & Staff eHomes are audience-centric webpages that provide one-click access to resources, campus events and announcements. To access the eHomes, you must log in with your StarID so community members cannot see these promotions. 

This makes eHomes a good opportunity for reaching a targeted audience who is more likely to have interest in campus-related information.