What the Wellness Blog is About

Current students from WSU share their stories and perspectives about practicing holistic wellness as a student at WSUThis includes everything from eating healthy, exercising and getting flu shots to managing stress and maintaining relationships to preparing for careers and handling personal finances 

Blog topics will align with at least one of the Seven Dimensions of Wellness.  


Who's the Audience?

Always keep your audience in mind when writing posts.


The main audience for the Wellness Blog is current WSU students. Generally speaking, this audience has the following characteristics:

  • Primarily undergraduate students at WSU campus in Winona 

  • Many are first-generation students who are unfamiliar with college resources and processes 

  • Split between living on campus and off-campus 

  • May be from large or small high schools/cities, may be from Winona or live several hours away 

  • Likely working at least part-time 

  • Likely struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness and time-management to some degree 

Need Help Brainstorming Topics?

Review the general editorial calendar for ideas