We want to do our best to write relevant posts that are relatable to current students' questions and concerns right when they need the information.  

The lists below are meant to guide topic brainstorm sessions during specific times of the year or along each of the dimensions of wellness. 

Use them as a jumping off point to dive deeper or explore a new angle within a topic. How can you add something new and interesting to the conversation about a topic?

Dimension-Related Topics 


  • What are some tips for studying effectively? Paying attention in class? 

  • How do I conduct research for papers & projects? How do I assess information for accuracy (weed out Fake News)?  

  • How do I improve my critical thinking skills? 

  • How do I improve my writing skills? Note-taking skills? Reading comprehension skills? 

  • What are the different learning styles? How can I learn better based on my learning styles? 

  • How do I make learning fun again?  

  • How do I remember things better?  

  • What are some resources at WSU and in Winona to help me learn more/better? 


  • What is spirituality? 

  • How do I explore/develop my own spirituality?  

  • What are the benefits of having a spiritual practice? 

  • What religions/spiritual traditions do WSU students follow? What are those practices like? 

  • What options are there in Winona for practicing religions (churches, mosques etc)? 

  • What if I don’t believe in a god/higher power? How can I still be a spiritual person? 

  • What if I’m questioning the religion/spiritual tradition I was raised in?

  • What is the difference between a cult and a religion?  


  • How can I better recognize and manage my emotions? 

  • What should I do if I feel lonely? Stressed? Depressed? 

  • What should I do I feel angry or upset? How can anger be a useful emotion when channeled in a healthy way? 

  • How can I be happier and feel more fulfilled? 

  • How can I be more confident? How do I advocate/stand up for myself? 

  • How can I be less anxious and stressed? 

  • What is resilience? How can I become more resilient? 

  • How do I have hard/awkward conversations with people I care about?  

  • What if I’m afraid that I’ll be a disappointment/failure, that I can’t live up to others’ expectations?   

  • How do I set healthy boundaries for myself and with other people? 

  • What are some resources at WSU and in Winona to help me emotionally? 



  • What impact do I have on air/water/land quality—positive or negative?  

  • How does we as a community/society impact the environment? 

  • How can I live a sustainable lifestyle as a college student & on a college budget? 


  • How can I make friends?  

  • How can I find a romantic partner? What if I don’t want to date at all? 

  • How can I stay connected/navigate the changing relationship to my family while I’m away at college? 

  • What makes for a good, healthy relationship? How can I keep improving this relationship? 

  • What if I’m rejected by a potential new friend or romantic partner? 

  • What makes for an unhealthy relationship? How can I improve this relationship? How can I get out of this bad relationship? 

  • How do I work with people who are very different from me? How can I be open to their different ideas/values? 

  • Why/how should I get involved in my community? How can I engage politically or through social activism to make a difference in my community? 

  • What are some resources at WSU and in Winona to help me socially? 



  • What career is best for me? What should I major in?  

  • What kind of skills do employers want?  

  • How can I find a job while in college?

  • How do I make a great resume? Write a cover letter? 

  • How do I prepare for an interview? How do I impress an employer in an interview? 

  • How do I balance work, school, a social life and self-care? 

  • What should I look for in an employer?  

  • After college, how do I best weigh job offers (salary, benefits etc.)? 

  • After college, how do I negotiate a higher salary? 

  • What if I don’t like my job? Should I leave or not? 

  • How can I stay in engaged in my job & avoid burnout? 

  • How do I manage my money? How do I pay for college? Handle student loans? 

  • What resources are available at WSU and in Winona to help me find my career path? Develop my skills?  

  • What are WSU graduates doing in their careers after college? 


  • How do I develop healthy eating habits—especially on a college budget? 

  • What is good nutrition? What are some easy, fast recipes? 

  • Where can I exercise at WSU and in Winona? 

  • What are the best/most fun/most effective workouts? 

  • How do I stay motivated to work out?  

  • How do I find time to exercise in a busy college life? 

  • What do I do if I feel sick?  

  • When do I need to see a doctor for an illness or injury? What can I (usually) treat at home? 

  • How do I avoid getting sick from common illnesses (colds, flu etc.)? 

  • What do I need to know about STDs and sexual health? 

  • What makes for good sleep? How do I develop healthy sleep habits?  

  • How do I know if I (or a friend) might have an addiction? What should I do to get help?