For an overview of digital governance policies and general philosophy, please see Winona State University Digital Governance

Marketing & Communications Roles & Responsibilities

  • Creates and manages all WSU websites in the University web content management tool. Creation and management is initiated either by MarComm or a department
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): makes sure site visitors can find the departments and information they are seeking
  • Standards & Best Practices: ensures all WSU web pages are in compliance with World Wide Web and accessibility standards, as well as University web standards and best practices
  • User Experience: Ensures all content communicates clearly with the intended audience and that site visitors can navigate department websites intuitively, finding the information they are seeking as quickly and easily as possible across all devices
  • Accessibility: Works with IT to ensure WSU web content is ADA compliant, and accessible to users of all abilities
  • Brand Standards: Makes sure tone, voice, visual and written elements support the University brand, identity, mission and values

Department Roles & Responsibilities

  • Content: As the content experts, departments are responsible for providing information and content (images, checklists, links, forms, videos) that represent their department
  • Accuracy: Makes sure content is accurate and up-to-date
    Note: A website audit should be performed at least once per semester to ensure fresh and accurate content
  • Relevance: Develop content that addresses audience needs.
  • Compliance: Follows FERPA, HIPPA and all other statues and regulations pertaining to data privacy.

Note: Departments can submit changes or requests for new web pages and sites using the “Web Request” submission form in OneStop. Each department also has a Marketing and Communications web representative who can consult with and work together with departments to improve their websites and help integrated online/social and print communications and marketing.