The following governance practices pertain to official public-facing digital properties (websites, social media, blogs, etc.) that represent Winona State University, its programs, departments, groups and/or initiatives.

Note: Our University policies and practices for digital governance are expanding and evolving to better meet marketing and communications, data security, legal, audience, and departmental needs. If you have questions or feedback about digital governance, please email:

Roles & Responsibilities 


General Philosophy

University Marketing and Communications is responsible for creation of all official, public-facing digital properties. Winona State follows a partnership-based model for managing official University digital properties, including websites, social media channels and digital advertising.

In this partnership-based model, departments serve as content and audience experts while Marketing and Communications staff oversee: 

  • digital property branding
  • strategy
  • user experience
  • accessibility
  • search engine optimization
  • account administration
  • policy
  • standards and best practices

MarComm also serves as the liaison to IT and legal to support data security and legal issues and obligations related to digital accounts and content.

The articles below provide details about roles and responsibilities for various digital properties at WSU. 

I. Digital Governance for Websites

II. Digital Governance for Social Media Accounts

III. Digital Governance for Digital Advertising