Write out numerals nine and under (one, two, three, etc.). Use numerals for figures 10and over, including ordinal figures (for example, 21st, 99th).

Use numerals for the following cases:

  • Figures that are difficult to spell out (4-1/3, 22.5 million)

  • Figures that are 10 and over with million; spell out the word million

  • Days of the month (February 28, July 4); omit the ordinal (nd, rd, th, st)

  • Grade point average (for example, 3.77 GPA)

  • Persons’ ages, percentages, course credit hours, degrees, ratios

15 years old

77 percent

3 credit hours


19:1 student to faculty ratio

Do not begin a sentence with numerals. Spell out the figures or restructure the sentence. Numbers below 100 are hyphenated when they consist of two words (for example, twenty-one, sixty-eight).

Please see the WSU Web Style Guide for how to style numbers and figures for the Winona.edu web properties.