Creating and maintaining a website is complex and requires the whole WSU team to work together. It is important to ensure that we create a site that has a consistent brand image and provides our users with a pleasant web experience. 

These are the basic styles used create a cohesive experience across different department webpages.

All Caps

Do not use all caps text.


Ampersands (&) are ok in headings but use “and” in body text

Gendered Pronouns
Use "they" or "themselves" when referring to a student or students in general. Avoid “he or she” and “his or her” sentence constructions.


Nov. 14, 2015 or Sunday, Nov. 14

Email Addresses

Addresses are always spelled out and linked with “mailto” links.

Use only images of WSU students, staff, events, campus etc. All images will be sized appropriately depending on where they are used in a webpage. Clip art, stock photography and blinking images are not allowed.

Do not use italics.

Link Destination
Hyperlinks open in a new window unless the link is to another page on the WSU site.

Link Text

Link text must describe the information included in the destination. Do not use the terms click here, under construction, or coming soon--these are highly outdated terms.


Spell out First through Ninth and One through Nine.

Phone Numbers
For telephone numbers use periods without spaces between: 507.457.5555

Text Alignment
Do not center text. All text should be left aligned.

Text Color
Do not color body text. Headers and links only are able to have pre-approved colors.

For times use numerals and am or pm without periods or spaces. Don’t use minutes for on-the-hour times. 8am – 5:30pm or 9 - 10pm

Do not underline unless text is a link.