Italicize the titles of books, compact disks, catalogs, paintings, plays, movies, radio and television programs, musical compositions, operas, pamphlets, periodicals, and web publications (but not websites).

Place in quotation marks the titles of presentations, lectures, dissertations and theses, book series, film series, radio and television episodes, songs, essays, lectures, parts of volumes (chapters, titles of papers), and short stories.

Use italics, instead of underlining, to emphasize words or phrases in text or to highlight foreign words or terms not yet Anglicized.

Italicize Latin genus and species names of plants and animals. Do not italicize scientific name for phylum, class, order, and family, but use initial caps.


        Homo sapiens


Italicize the specific names of ships, airplanes, and spacecraft, but not the abbreviations that may precede them.


USS Monitor

HMS Hotspur

Spirit of St. Louis

Please note that WSU's Web Style Guide does not allow the use of italics on the web properties.