Developing Your Video


WSU videos should have a conversational tone to fully engage watcher. It is advised to create a general script to base your video on however the finished video should not appear scripted. Build trust with your audience by providing an insider's view to your program and or services. 

Show Your Story Video is an excellent way to tell your story in an engaging way. Make the most of it by having a focused topic that allows you to show your story rather than tell it. Use video footage whenever possible. The use of static images should be used sparingly. 


Developing a storyboard is a critical step for a successful video. It allows you to visually map out your video shot by shot. It demonstrates how your video will come together. This can also help in the development of a script for your video. It also gives you the opportunity to share your vision with your videographer. 

Storyboard Example (Word Doc)

Video Length

It's important to keep the length of your video in mind as you plan. A good rule of thumb is to keep the video under two minutes. Keep in mind that shorter is better. When you determine the length, think about your audience and the message you are trying to convey to them. Move forward with the quickest way to get your message across in your video.

Audio in Your Video

Voice Over 

If your video will enlist a voiceover to convey your message, we encourage you to recruit a current student to record the voice over. Our students and potential students relate best to younger voices. This gives the feeling that students are hearing from their peers, and they are more likely to digest the message. 


Background music makes all of the difference in the outcome of your video. The right music will convey a positive/inclusive the vibe of your video. lends an intense feel to the video that isn’t necessarily going to help recruitment efforts. In our experience, we’ve found that upbeat, lively music lends a positive vibe to videos and fully engages potential students. This helps to increase video consumption and excitement about your program. 

When selecting your music be sure to select a song that is royalty free. This will allow you to avoid any complications when you upload your video to YouTube and other social channels. One great online resource for royalty free music is Bensound, which offers free downloadable royalty free music options. 


Opening/Closing Slides 

Branded opening and closing slides are readily available and can be downloaded for your use. They contain the WSU logo and official violet color (#4B08A1). They can be personalized for your video, allowing you to add your video title on the opening slide and call to action on the closing slide. 

1920x1080 Title Slide Example

Slide Titles 

Titles should be written in Gotham font small enough to fit on one line above "Winona State University" text. If your video title cannot fit on one line it is acceptable to have the title on two lines. If the title takes three lines, it is recommended that you reconsider the title and look for ways to shorten it. 

Titles should be located in the lower third of the video using Gotham font. 

Logos & Wordmark 

WSU logos and wordmark can be used in your video in accordance with WSU's Style Guide standards. These are not to be altered in any way, including but not limited to drop shadows, glow or other effect/change to the logo. 

Promoting Your Video

Video Promotion 

Once you have completed your video, you can submit a Webbery ticket via the Online Request Form to get your video published to WSU's YouTube hosted account. 

The Webbery team will work with you to identify the placement of the video on your website and will provide you with a link that you can use to promote your video via your social media accounts, email outreach and any other way you see fit. 

In some instances, WSU's communications team will promote your video on the WSU website via the homepage spotlight and students/faculty eHomes. 

Online Request Form

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