If you are looking to contribute a single blog post, please use this post submission form.

The Official WSU Blogger team is a group of students who volunteer to write on a regular basis for the WSU Blogs. If you’d like to become a blogger, contact Blog Manager Hailey Seipel at hseipel16@winona.edu.

Getting Started

When you join the WSU Blogger team, you will be invited to our shared team folder titled “Student Blogs 2019-2020”. Accept this invitation.

You will also be invited to join our team group-- “University Marketing & Communications”—in Asana. Accept this invitation and create your Asana account. Asana is the tool that we will use to plan and produce blog posts.

This blog post submission process is meant to help spread out the preparation of each blog to ensure that top-notch quality is achieved and maintained. It also gives our team wiggle room should any delays occur.

Please be respectful of due dates and timeline goals for each step. If you need any help, please  contact the Blog Manager right away.

Otherwise, we cannot wait to work with all you bloggers!

Step 1. Create a New Document in the Shared Google Drive Folder

Timeline Goal = 10 days prior to due date

In this folder, create a new Google Doc and write your blog post draft. Include the title of the blog post and your name at the top of the document.

You may also upload your blog draft to this folder as a Word doc, if you prefer.

When your draft is complete, drag it into the correct subfolder to reflect which blog you are writing for (e.g. Admissions, Campus Life, Wellness, Improving Our World).

Step 2. Update Your Blog Assignment in Asana

Timeline Goal = 10 days prior to due date

Log in to Asana and click on “My Tasks” in the left-hand side bar to view your upcoming blog assignments.

Select the task that matches the blog post draft you just submitted to the team Google Drive folder.

Note: The name of your task will begin with an abbreviation of the blog you are writing for, such as “AD” for Admissions, etc.

Change the status of your blog post from “Not Started” to “In Progress”.

Please do not change any of the other settings that proceed with this one.

Attach your blog post draft to your Asana task. To do this, click on the paperclip image (“Attachments”) and select Google Drive as the mode by which you would like to attach your file.

You will then be prompted to a window that will ask you to verify your Google account login. Once verified, select your blog post draft from Google Drive.

Make sure the attachment appears on your Asana task. Scroll down and click the checkmark next to the subtask “Write first draft”.

Step 3. Make Revisions if Needed


Timeline Goal = 8 days prior to due date

The next step is really for the Blog Manager to review your draft, and the status of your task in Asana will change to “In Review” at this point.

The Blog Manager will leave any comments directly on the Google Drive document. These comments may range from spelling and grammar to content structure, organization and consistency.

Once you have revised your blog post draft based on the Blog Manager’s comments, change the status of your task in Asana to “Ready to Publish”.

Also, check the “Make revisions” subtask complete.

Step 4. Proof Your Published Blog One Last Time


Timeline Goal = 5 days prior to due date

After reviewing your revised blog post draft, the Blog Manager will schedule your blog to be published according to the planned due date.

The Blog Manager will change the status of your task in Asana to “Published/Scheduled!” and send you a private link to your scheduled blog post in the comments section of your task.

Follow this link and reread your blog for accuracy.

If you have any questions or concerns, leave the Blog Manager a comment on the Asana task. Mention them directly by typing “@” and selecting their name when prompted so they are immediately notified of your message.

Step 5. Share Your Blog Post on Social Media (Optional)


Timeline Goal = 5 days after publication

Depending on your blog post, you may need to wait a designated grace period before sharing it on your social media platforms (if any).

If this applies to you, the Blog Manager will let you know when this grace period is over by writing a note in the comments section.

The reason behind this is that we want the WSU Blogs to have “first dibs” on online traffic. This promotes the site itself and expands our audience (win-win!).