Features like online forms, event calendars and blog feeds can help make for a more dynamic, content-rich webpage. 

These optional elements are often embedded in a webpage so that the content displays within the webpage itself, giving it a cohesive look and feel despite the content originally being published in another platform. 

All embedded media and buttons must meet accessibility requirements.

Online Forms

Most online forms will be incorporated into a webpage as a hyperlink in the main text or possibly a link in the right navigation.

Expectations for Online Forms in General

  • Must have appropriate WSU branding such as logos and colors
  • Must be created and maintained on an on-going basis by the client

Request for Information (RFI) Forms

An RFI form is a marketing tactic to collect contact information for prospective students and other people who are interested in a program, event or just WSU in general. 

Expectations for RFI Forms

  • Must only include fields for basic contact info (single line entry fields) and/or a short checklist (check box fields)
  • Must be coordinated with the Web Team
  • Must be built in Qualtrics or an approved third-party vendor
  • Must be embedded in a main topic or in the right navigation panel
    • If placed in a main topic, the form must be preceded by a Heading 1 Page Title and a brief intro paragraph
  • Must be tested across multiple devices to ensure that the form functions properly

RSS Feeds

An RSS feed is a convenient way to feature content that changes frequently because the information will automatically get pulled into the webpage.

The types of content that can be displayed using an RSS feed are Event Calendar entries, WSU Blog posts and Facebook posts.

Expectations for Using Feeds

  • Event listings must be published in the WSU Event Calendar
    • New WSU Event Calendar categories will be created at the discretion of the Web Team as needed for RSS feeds
  • The Facebook account must be an official University account with posts at least once per week
  • The Facebook feed is placed in the right navigation panel
  • Event Calendar feeds must be placed in a main topic on a webpage
  • WSU Blog posts can be placed in a main topic (max. 10 results) or in the right navigation panel (max. 8 results)
    • New WSU Blog categories will be created at the discretion of the Web Team as needed for RSS feeds


A button is linked graphic that incorporates a call-to-action phrase. 

Expectations for Buttons: 

  • Buttons must follow a consistent, branded style including color, size and overall design aesthetic
    • "Wave" is only for links to blogs
    • Prospective Student CTA buttons use variations of the approved template with customized text and graphic elements
      • See the Undergraduate Admissions homepage for an example
      • Other CTAs Buttons: title-case white text on WSU purple background with rounded corners
        • No shadow or icons are permitted
  • Buttons must be used sparingly on a website at the discretion of the Web Team
  • The call-to-action text must be compelling, specific and as short as possible
  • The button must be formatted to be responsive to display well on multiple screen sizes