On the WSU website, PDFs are the standard file type for supporting files and these files need to meet accessibility requirements just like webpages.

However, most of the time people create a document and then convert it into a PDF format. So, the best way to make an accessible PDF is to start with an accessible document.

The main components of an accessible document are document structure and visual design. 

Document structure refers to things like headings, tags and content organization. Visual design refers to things like color contrasts, typography and images. Learn more about addressing accessibility in your graphic designs

How to Make Office Documents Accessible

Microsoft Office software comes with a variety of accessibility tools built in which can help you quickly create accessible files. 

However, you should still double-check key elements of the file to make sure the automated features are accurate. 

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Excel

Office Accessibility Tutorial for Excel Files

Exporting to PDFs

Office Accessibility Tutorial for PDFs

How to Make an Adobe InDesign File Accessible 

Some Adobe Creative Suite software offers built-in accessibility tools, specifically InDesign. 

How to Make Old PDFs Accessible

If you don't have the original file, there are ways to add accessible elements to an existing PDF. You can also use these techniques to make a scanned document more accessible. You will need Adobe Acrobat Pro to edit the PDF.