Department or Team Directory Page

It is standard practice for websites to include a "Meet Our Team" webpage in the left navigation. Such a webpage will use the Fac/Staff component to structure the content. 

The Fac/Staff component consists of a profile image, the individual's name in a styled heading, position title and contact information in regular text styles.

There is no maximum number of panes, so all team members can be included. Panes can be arranged in a single column or in two columns.

Multiple Fac/Staff components can be used to distinguish separate teams on the same page. 

Here are some examples: 

Staff or Faculty Profile Page

A faculty or staff profile page will be built in an OT 7ab template. The Right Nav Panel will include: 

  • Profile Image
  • Right Nav Links for any research articles or other project sites
  • Contact section, with social icons if possible

The page title will be the individual's name, with position title if appropriate. The rest of the content on the page will be determined by what the person wishes to share publicly. 

Headings will be used throughout the text as needed.

Here are some examples: