All webpages in the WSU website are built in one of the following pre-set templates. The templates can be customized with a variety of page elements to best fit the content and communication goals. 

Templates with Left Navigation Links (OT 7ab & OT 8 templates)

The OT 7ab ("Default Page Template") has a space for a right navigation panel. This is the most common template in use on the WSU website. 

  • All homepages are built in the OT 7ab template
  • A webpage with the OT 7ab template must have Left Navigation Links and at least one element in the Right Navigation panel
  • If a website has a Contact Us section, this section will be carried through on all the other pages in the website

The OT 8 template ("Theme Template") does not accommodate a right navigation panel. This template is used less frequently and only for websites that address high-level, broad themes with a significant amount of content including text, photo and videos (such as Campus Life).

Templates without Left Navigation Links (OT 7d & OT 8d templates

A template without left navigation ("No Nav" or "Nav-less") may only be used for one-page websites that function as a routing device or landing page. Such a site does not have internal site-specific navigation through additional pages built within a set of Left Navigation links.

If an OT 7d  ("Routing Template with Right Options") template with a Right Navigation panel is used, the secondary links can be used for other WSU sites and/or third-party links

The Right Navigation panel could also contain an Announcement feature, a photo and a Contact Us box. These pieces will be arranged in the same order as they would be on a OT 7ab template.

The OT 8d ("Routing Template") template does not accommodate a right navigation panel.

Here are examples of the No Nav templates: 

A routing page is intended to connect relevant information and provide an overview in one place and direct users to learn more at other websites. It could also direct users to take specific actions.

Right Navigation Panel Elements

The Right Navigation panel could include the following elements:

  • Call-to-Action / Announcement feature (always positioned in Box 1 at the top of the page)
  • Right Navigation Links (always positioned in Box 1)
  • Spotlight / Profile Image (always positioned in Box 2)
  • Embedded Form (always positioned in Box 2)
  • Contact Us section (always positioned in Box 3)
  • Partner / Affiliation Logos (always positioned in Box 3 & above the Contact Us Section)
  • Feeds from Blogs, Facebook etc. (always positioned in Box 3 & above the Contact Us Section)

There can up to 4 of these elements on a single page. If there is no Contact Box, then only 3 is permitted.

Additional rules for Right Nav elements:

  • Logos partner organizations and accreditations may be placed in the Right Nav panel, if the audience will recognize them and find value in doing so

  • Decorative content photos are not permitted in the Right Nav panel

  • Logos for the WSU departments are not permitted on the website

  • Department social media links included in Contact Us section, not a separate a section