All webpages in the WSU website are built in one of the following pre-set templates. The templates can be customized with a variety of page elements to best fit the content and communication goals. 

Templates with Left Navigation Links (OT 7ab & OT 8 templates)

The OT 7ab template has a space for a right navigation panel. This is the most common template in use on the WSU website. 

  • All homepages are built in the OT 7ab template
  • A webpage with the OT 7ab template must have Left Navigation Links and at least one element in the Right Navigation panel
  • If a website has a Contact Us section, this section will be carried through on all the other pages in the website

The OT 8 template does not accommodate a right navigation panel. This template is used less frequently and only for secondary webpages.

Templates without Left Navigation Links (OT 7d & OT 8d templates

A template without left navigation ("No Nav" or "Nav-less") may only be used for one-page websites that function as a routing device or landing page. Such a site does not have internal site-specific navigation through additional pages built within a set of Left Navigation links.

If an OT 7d template with a Right Navigation panel is used, the secondary links can be used for other WSU sites and/or third-party links

The Right Navigation panel could also contain an Announcement feature, a photo and a Contact Us box. These pieces will be arranged in the same order as they would be on a OT 7ab template.

The OT 8d template does not accommodate a right navigation panel.

Here are examples of the No Nav templates: 

Right Navigation Panel Elements

The Right Navigation panel could include the following elements:

  • Call-to-Action / Announcement feature (always positioned in Box 1 at the top of the page)
  • Spotlight / Profile Image (always positioned in Box 1)
  • Right Navigation Links (always positioned in Box 2)
  • Contact Us section (always positioned in Box 3)

Additional rules for Right Nav elements:

  • Logos for the WSU department, partner organizations and accreditations may be placed in the Right Nav panel, if the logos do not compromise the overall layout

  • Decorative content photos are not permitted in the Right Nav panel

  • Department social media links included in Contact Us section, not a separate a section