We want to do our best to write relevant posts that are relatable to current students' questions and concerns right when they need the information.   

The lists below are meant to guide topic brainstorm sessions throughout the year.  

Use them as a jumping off point to dive deeper or explore a new angle within a topic. How can you add something new and interesting to the conversation about a topic? 

Themes for Student Life 

Majors & Classes 

  • What major should I choose? What minor should I choose?  

  • What if I don’t have a major yet? How do I change my major?  

  • What if I have general major (like a Liberal Arts major) that doesn’t direct toward a specific job (like Nursing majors)?  

  • What if I know what kind of job I want but I’m not sure what I should major in?  

  • What’s course registration like? What classes should I choose for my major, for gen eds?  

  • What’s the best strategy for getting good classes? What if I didn’t classes I need/want? 

  • What’s the best class schedule? The worst?  

  • How do I deal with early morning classes? How do I deal with late afternoon/evening classes?  Once-per-week classes? 

  • How do I best study for mid-terms, finals?  

  • How do I balance being a student with my other responsibilities (relationships, self-care, employment etc.)? 

  • What resources are available if I need support academically? (ie. Warrior Success Center, Writing Center etc.) 

  • What if I’m feeling overwhelmed by my classes/schedule? (Note: don’t stray too far into Wellness territory).  

Housing & Dining 

  • Why should I live on campus? How/when do I apply for on campus housing? 

  • What if I want to life off-campus? When/how do I find an apartment? What should I know about renting in Winona? 

  • Is it really a better deal to live off-campus? (Rent + utilities + varying quality + varying distance vs. room + meal plan + standard quality + on-campus distance) 

  • What should I look for in a roommate? How can I be a good roommate? 

  • What if I’m having problems with my roommate(s)? What are reasonable ground rules for roommates to follow?  

  • What are easy/cheap ways to decorate a res hall, apartment? 

  • What if I want to live alone? How can I stay connected to others and avoid becoming too isolated?  

  • What are the options for food on campus? In Winona?  

  • How do I use Kryzsko Kash, a block plan, Purple Pass?  

  • How do I change my meal plan?  

  • What are easy/cheap meals to cook in a res hall, apartment? 

Jobs & Internships 

  • Should I work while a student? Where can I work—on-campus, off-campus? 

  • Should I get an internship? Where can I find internships—on-campus, off-campus? What are internships like? 

  • What skills do I need in my career? How can I build those skills at WSU? 

  • What career should I pursue? What careers are WSU students are going into after graduation? 

  • What if I’m considering going to graduate school after my bachelor’s degree? What do I need to know?  

Friends & Fun 

  • What is there to do on campus? In Winona?  

  • What are classic, can’t-miss things do during each season? 

  • What student clubs are there? How do I join? 

  • What are other ways beyond student clubs that I can get involved?  

  • How can I make friends? What if I don’t have much in common anymore with my initial friend group from freshman year?  

  • Is WSU really a heavy party school? What if I don’t want to drink?  

Warrior Pride & WSU Experiences 

  • What are experiences that you’d only get as a WSU student? 

  • What are the signs that you are a Warrior? 

  • What are reasons you’re proud to be Warrior, happy as a student at WSU? 

  • What are some fun/interesting pieces of WSU history? 

  • What are the best things about being at WSU right now? 

  • Where do you think WSU is going in the future? 


Time-Sensitive Ideas 

Aug. & Sept.  

  • Welcome (back) to campus 

  • Getting into new routines 

  • Getting involved on campus & things to do in Winona 

  • Dealing with homesickness 

  • Homecoming (?)

  • Finding a job 

Oct. & Nov.  

  • Finding housing for next year (on campus, off campus) 

  • Applying for financial aid with FAFSA, scholarships 

  • Using campus resources like Advising, Tutoring, Career Services etc. 

  • Dealing with stress of exams (midterms) 

  • Homecoming (?)

  • Registering for classes 

  • Holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving) 

Dec. & Jan. 

  • Dealing with stress of exams (finals) 

  • Preparing for graduation 

  • Welcome (back) to campus 

  • Holidays & Winter Break 


Feb. & March 

  • Dealing with stress of exams (midterms) 

  • Using campus resources like Advising, Tutoring, Career Services etc. 

  • Spring Break (?) 

April & May 

  • Spring Break (?) 

  • Registering for classes & consider summer classes 

  • Dealing with stress of exams (finals) 

  • Preparing for graduation, graduate school 

  • Res hall move-out processes 

  • Summer on-campus housing options 

June & July 

  • Things to do in Winona (if staying) 

  • Taking summer classes 

  • Summer jobs in Winona 

  • Travel study experiences