We want to do our best to write relevant posts that are relatable to current students' questions and concerns right when they need the information.  

There are generally four phases from when a high school student first becomes interested in WSU to when they officially enroll. Because WSU has rolling admissions, sometimes these phases overlap. If you are in an overlap month, you’ll need to prioritize phase-specific posts. 

The lists below are meant to guide topic brainstorm sessions during specific times of the year at each phase of a students journey. 

Use them as a jumping off point to dive deeper or explore a new angle within a topic. How can you add something new and interesting to the conversation about a topic?

Phase 1: Research & Explore ("Hi, it's nice to meet you.")  

Feb | March | April | May | June | July | Aug 

  • How do you choose a college? Why should I choose WSU? 

  • How can I afford college? 

  • What is college like? How is it different from my high school? 

  • What is great about WSU, Winona? 

  • What are the academic options at WSU? 

  • How do I visit WSU? What else should I do here? 

  • What are WSU graduates doing with their degrees? 

Phase 2: Narrow & Apply ("Let's get to know each other better.")

Secondary Phase: Decide/Enroll 

Sept | Oct | Nov | Dec | Jan 

  • What sets WSU apart from other schools?  

  • What opportunities will I get at WSU? 

  • How do I apply? When will I hear if I've been accepted? 

  • What is campus life like? What do students do for fun? 

  • What are the res halls like? Places to eat? 

  • What is Winona like?  

Phase 3: Decide & Enroll ("Are you right for me?")

Secondary Phase: Research/Explore 

Feb | March | April | May 

  • Why did you choose WSU? 

  • How do I register for classes? What classes should I take? 

  • Do I have to choose a major right away? What if I'm not sure what career I want? 

  • Which res hall should I pick? 

  • How do I get/pick my roommate? 

Phase 4: Commit & Transition ("It's all so real now. Did I make the right choice?")

May | June | July | Aug 

  • What will my classes be like? 

  • How will I get around campus, the city? 

  • When will I find out my room, roommate assignment 

  • What will move in day be like? What should I pack? 

  • How should I arrange/decorate my res hall room? 

  • What clubs should I join? 

  • Will I make any friends? What if I don't fit in? 

  • What will it be like living away from my parents? How do I handle my new responsibilities? 

  • What if college is harder than I thought? What resources do I have?