WSU Student Blogs should be written with a friendly, welcoming voice that shows natural emotion like excitement and fun but also stress and frustration. Bloggers should write with their own unique voice as they share their personal perspectives & experiences at WSU. Authenticity and integrity is key.  

However, bloggers must keep in mind that they represent the University and use inclusive language (e.g. no insensitive or discriminatory slang or idioms)Also, there can be no references to law-breaking such as underage/reckless drinking, drug use etc.  

Any negative situations or experiences must still have a positive outcome to promote the University as a desirable institution to attend. 

Use personal storytelling and advice-giving that is highly relatable, amusing, or informative for other students. Use of first-person perspective ("I" language) is encouraged.   

Special Note for the Wellness Blog

Bloggers must also be careful when presenting healthcare information. Any factual statements or recommendations must cite a medical professional/organization and be verified for accuracy by WSU Health Promotions staff.  

General Blog Writing Styles

  • short paragraphs (1-3 sentences, no more than 75 words total per paragraph) 

  • simple-moderate sentence structures and vocabulary (aim for 7-9th grade readability)

  • headings and lists where appropriate 

  •  ~250-500 words 

  • Include at least one high-quality photo, video or GIF/meme