The University Events Calendar promotes public event information that is relevant to our campus community, including WSU students, faculty, staff, families, and alumni and alumnae, as well as the greater Winona community. The calendar is maintained by the WSU Marketing & Communications Office.

Who can submit to the WSU Events Calendar?

All WSU students and employees can submit requests for the WSU Events Calendar. Departments, clubs and other groups submitting event information are asked to designate a central point of contact, as duplication can easily occur when events are submitted multiple times and with different titles or event details.

What types of events can be submitted to the WSU Events Calendar?

All events posted on the WSU campus-wide events calendar must be open to the WSU community.*  Events appropriate for posting include:

  • Events that include a university-wide or community audience
  • Events sponsored by a WSU college, department, center, office, program, or a recognized student club or organization
  • Academic or research seminars targeting a broad audience

What types of event or items are NOT appropriate for the WSU Events Calendar?

  • Events that do not include a university-wide audience (i.e. regular department meetings)
  • Events NOT sponsored by a WSU college, department, center, office, program, or a recognized student club or organization
  • Employee events, like individual retirement celebrations
  • Ongoing classes, workshops, or certificate programs (Note: Campus information sessions or registration deadlines for such events may be suitable for posting.)
  • Invitation-only events*
  • Volunteer requests and other solicitations
  • Advertisements for businesses or products

* Select private events (attendance by invitation only, appropriate to a specific audience, or large events having a significant impact on campus) may be posted. Please include a rationale for public posting when you submit your event.

How do I submit to the WSU Events Calendar?

  • When your event details are confirmed, fill out the "Promote An Event" form.

  • Include a concise title for your event, along with the date, time, location, event sponsor, ticketing information as needed, and a brief description of the event.

  • Submit content that is¬†plain-text only (i.e., no graphics nor formatting such as bolded text, underlined text, italics, fonts and colors). Avoid use of all-caps and exclamation points for emphasis.
  • Prior to submission, review your content for spelling, grammar and accuracy of names, titles, dates, contact information, etc. Submitted content will be moderated, but not fact-checked for accuracy of names, phone numbers, email, web URLs, etc. Please spell out acronyms and other abbreviations.

Note: Please use discretion when submitting multiple-day events, like guest residencies or art exhibits, and limit event requests to specific timeframes, like exhibit hours or public lectures and presentations. Multiple-day events may be edited at the discretion of the calendar administrator based on length of duration and space available.

When will my event show up on the WSU Events Calendar?

Typically events will be posted to the calendar within 72 hours of submission. If an event does not appear to meet minimum requirements, MarComm will contact the requester for more information.