WSU Update is published on Mondays during the academic year, and distributed via email to the Winona State community to promote university information and upcoming campus activities.

All content submissions must have a university sponsor and/or be relevant to campus-related functions in Winona, Rochester or occasionally the Twin Cities.


General Publishing Process

To submit information to WSU Update, fill out the Promote An Event request for event-related submissions and the Tell a Story request for Announcements, News or Faculty Staff Development.

Requests must be submitted by noon at least 3 business days preceding publication to see your information in the next edition of WSU Update (i.e. by Wednesday at noon for the following Monday newsletter). 

WSU Update submissions should include the following information: event title, university sponsor, date, time, place (including address for off-campus events) and a contact name with a WSU email address.

All Promote An Event requests are posted to the online WSU Events Calendar

Any advance promotion of events in WSU Update must be requested explicitly in the original request. See details in the section below.

Tell a Story form submissions are posted in WSU Update under Announcements, News or Faculty & Staff Development. Postings will run for one week.

If you aren't sure whether the Promote an Event or Tell a Story form is right for your submission, read this article on how to submit to WSU Update.

Promoting an Event in Advance

You are encouraged to submit a Promote an Event form well in advance of the event if: 

  • registration is required to attend the event
  • you wish to create addtional promotional materials such as a digital sign, posters or flyers
  • you want to include a “Save the Date” promotion for a high-profile event

Advance event promotion requests for WSU Update will be posted under “Announcements" for one week and are subject to editorial discretion.

If you feel an event warrants multiple postings under “Announcements,” this must be specified within the MarComm OneStop request and again is subject to editorial discretion.

As the event draws closer, the event will run in WSU Update according to the general publishing process.