Use the full name of Winona State University in the following instances:

  • On first reference in a story, chapter, section, or major unit of copy

  • On front covers and title pages of publications

  • In addresses

Follow with Winona State, WSU, and the university as the standard abbreviations for Winona State University. When referring to Winona State informally do not capitalize the word “university.”


Winona State University was founded in 1858.
Winona State offers over 80 undergraduate programs.
Students attending the university may participate in a variety of activities.

Winona State University - Rochester

When referring to Winona State University-Rochester, use the full name first and follow with WSU-Rochester. Use a hyphen with no spaces between “Winona State University” and “Rochester.” As above, use the full name on front covers and title pages of publications and in addresses.

Minnesota State

Use the new branded name "Minnesota State" when referring to "Minnesota State Colleges and Universities."  


        Winona State University is the oldest member of the Minnesota State.

The preferred way to refer to the colleges and universities in writing is “the colleges and universities of Minnesota State.” If for purposes of sentence structure, the preferred way isn’t an option, an acceptable alternative is“Minnesota State colleges and universities.” In addition, “Minnesota State” never takes a possessive form, as in “Minnesota State’s.”