The Chicago Manual of Style recommends a down style, which means the use of fewer capitals. When in doubt, do not capitalize.

Many guidelines concerning the capitalization of academic and administrative titles are covered in the previous section.

In general, capitalize in the following cases:

  • All words, except articles, conjunctions, and short prepositions in the titles of papers, reports, books, plays, lectures, compositions, etc.

  • “Figure” or “Table” when used in text to indicate a specific insert

  • The word “Room” when used to designate a specific room, for example,

    Somsen Room 112A

  • A specific course, for example, English 447: Modern Literary Criticism

  • Geographical regions of the country (the South, the Midwest) but not

    compass points (east, northern Atlantic)

In keeping with current usage, the down style is preferred when referring to the terms“website” and “the web.”