What is Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a fancy way of saying that we put in the effort to make sure our websites are free of spelling mistakes, broken links and other technical issues. We also check that webpages follows established web styles and established web standards.

It's a systematic review process of WSU's entire website in which we fix issues as we find them. 

Why is Quality Assurance Important? 

Maintaining high-quality websites is important because it: 

  1. Gives people a positive experience when they use the website 
  2. Helps build WSU's reputation for providing quality education
  3. Strengthens search engine rankings

Consider your own web experiences. Have you ever been frustrated when couldn't access information because the link wasn't working? Did you want to visit that website again? Would you put your trust an organization that had frequent misspellings and grammar mistakes on it's website? 

You've likely avoided websites or used them reluctantly after you ran into quality issues like these.  

How the Web Team Ensures Quality Websites

The Web Team performs routine scans of the WSU website and fixes errors that are flagged. If you stumble across a broken link, you can let us know by submitting a request to Update the Website. 

Usually we are able to make these fixes right away. If we can't figure out the proper link to or a person's name is potentially misspelled, our team will reach out to the department for clarification. 

To make sure that new errors are not created through web updates, we proofread requested updates to the website before publishing any changes. We also offer each client the opportunity to proof their requested changes on the published webpage in case we missed something.