Images are a powerful messaging tool and play an important role on a webpage. They add visual interest that can grab attention as well as convey emotions or ambiance and demonstrate life at WSU.

To keep a webpage looking fresh, images should be updated at least every three years. 

Requesting University Images

Over the years, the University Marketing & Communications team has collected a wide variety of university photos both from professional photo-shoots and in-house student photographers. 

You can request a selection of existing images from the photo library and request photography services for new photos. Simply submit a form to Request Photography and choose the option you prefer. 

If you choose, you may supply your own photos to be included on webpages. Learn about the parameters for on-campus photography.

Expectations for Images

  • Images must depict real WSU students/faculty/staff, campus locations, campus activities and events, Winona-area locations, or Winona-area activities and events
  • Clip art, line drawings and commercial stock photography are not permitted
  • Blinking or animated images are not permitted
  • Images must be used judiciously on a website so that they add value to a webpage, rather than overwhelm or clutter an information-dense webpage
  • Images must meet technical quality standards
    • Image resolution should be 72 dots-per-inch (dpi)

    • Saved as JPEG for photos
    • Saved as PNG for graphics with transparency
    • Image file size should optimized for web and no larger than 1MB
  • Images must meet aesthetic quality standards as determined by the Web Team
  • Images must be placed within standard templates at standard sizes
  • Images must meet accessibility standards for photos & graphics
  • The quantity of images and image file sizes must not compromise page-load speeds

Image Sizes & Where to Use Them

Main Image

Dimensions = 876 x 400px

Where to Use: Photo Element -- used in OT 7ab and OT 8 templates

Full-Width Image

Dimensions = 1170 x 450px
Where to Use: Photo Element -- always used for homepage images in OT 7c, OT 7d and OT8d templates. Not available in OT7ab template. 

Right Side Image

If used for a large graphic* or logo:

  • Dimensions = 300 x 300px
  • Where to Use: Photo Right page element -- only in OT 7ab templates

*A graphic may include text and/or drawn elements layered over a photo. A plain, untreated photo is not permitted in a Right Side Image unless it is used in a Faculty / Staff Profile Page.

If used for an announcement-style graphic:

  • Dimensions = 748 x 250px
  • Where to Use: Photo Right page element -- only in OT 7ab templates


If used for an Faculty / Staff Profile Page:

  • Dimensions = 300 x 400px
  • Where to Use: Photo Right page element -- only in OT 7ab templates


Rochester Homepage

Dimensions =  1077 x 658px

Where to Use: Only on Rochester Homepage Slider

Spotlight Thumbnails

Dimensions: 108 x 128px

Where to Use: Tab Boxes -- available on select webpages only. 

eHome Images

Dimensions: 244 x 88px

Where to Use: Main Content on the eHomes webpages only

Staff / Faculty Profile Images

Dimensions =  120 x 150px

Where to Use: Only in Fac/Staff Templates

If a profile picture is not available, the standard "No-Image" photo shown below will be used.