Follow these steps to use WSU Purple as a font color in Microsoft Office programs. 

You may need to calibrate your monitor to see the proper color on screen. Also, if you are planning to print a document, learn how to get WSU Purple on a laser printer.

Step 1: Click on the Font Color Tab

This is usually located in the Editing Ribbon. 

Step 2: Select the option for "More Colors"

This is usually located in the pop-up window alongside the standard color choices.

Step 3: Enter the Color Value Numbers

You can use either the RGB or Hex Color Code for WSU Purple. 

  • RGB: R 75, G 8, B 161
  • Hex: 4B08A1

Step 4: Save the Color as a Swatch

You can save WSU Purple among the preset swatches by dragging the large swatch into the swatch grid openings.