Departments manage their own content because they are the experts on the details of their academic programs, services and all the work that they do to support the University. 

The Web Team are the experts in digital communication practices and technical skills to maintain the WSU website. The team has a duty to uphold the web standards and consider information from the perspective of the intended audience(s) first and foremost.

That is to say that departments provide the essential information and the Web Team presents that information in a way that meets the needs of users.

Together, the department and the Web Team are partners in creating an effective website and a pleasant experience for the user. 

Expectations for Departments

  • Establish one person to be responsible for keeping the website up to date
  • Submit "Update the Website" requests through MarComm OneStop as needed
  • Respond promptly to the Web Team's questions regarding quality, if issues arise

Expectations for the Web Team

  • Make requested changes to websites in a reasonable time-frame
  • Ensure that submitted content from departments adheres to web standards and user's needs
    • This may include altering the submitted content as needed
    • If significant alterations are needed, these will be discussed with the department prior to implementation
  • Provide departments with the opportunity to review the web changes requested for accuracy
  • Ensure that websites overall adhere to web standards and displays information in the best way possible