Depending on your request, you may need to provide supplemental files such as: 

  • a PDF for the website
  • photos for a design project
  • a digital sign to publish on campus
  • a PDF for copies

You can attach files as large as 20MB when you complete the request form. At the bottom of the form, you will see an "+ Attach a file" option just above the Submit button. A new window will pop up and allow you to select the file you wish to attach. This is just like attaching a file in an email.

Attaching Files Larger than 20MB

If you'd like to attach a large file or multiple files to your request form, you'll have to upload the document(s) to Microsoft OneDrive and paste the shareable link in the "Additional Information" field on the request form. 

This will allow our team members to view and download the necessary files we need to complete your request. 

When sharing multiple files or photos, we recommend creating a OneDrive folder and including the shareable link to the entire folder in your request form. Otherwise, you will have to provide a link to each individual file.

 Learn more about OneDrive and how to create a shareable link