Any student, employee or club may request posters be distributed for WSU-related announcements, events, developments, activities or achievements. 

Posters will be hung only on bulletin boards that have been approved for general campus use. To cover all academic building, you need 34 copies at most. Between all the residence halls, 77 posters are allowed during the academic year and 12 during the summer. 

Many departments have boards reserved for their own use, and we cannot hang posters in these locations. You can reach out to individual departments and ask if they would be willing to allow your poster on these bulletin boards. 

How to Submit a Request to Distribute Posters

Drop off your posters by 12pm at the Marketing & Communications Department front desk in Somsen 205 and complete the Poster Distribution Request Form. 

Poster are distributed in the afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your posters will be hung during the next available distribution shift based on when they were received.