Digital signage monitors are a great way to get the word out about events, academic program, opportunities and meetings. 

With thousands of students, faculty, staff and community members on campus each day, campus communicators can leverage monitors to complement their communication plans. 

You can also reach the Winona community as signs are broadcast to HBC and Charter public access tv channels.

In addition, digital signage is a green technology that can replace paper announcements and posters. Learn more about digital signage

How to Create a Digital Sign

To create a digital slide, you can either work with our Creative Services team to design your slide or you can produce your own digital slide.

Work with Creative Services to Design Your Digital Slide

Select "Design a Project" to submit your OneStop request. Please include the main points of your message and include any images or logos in your request.

Additional Suggested Reading: How long does it take to Design a Project?

Produce Your Own Digital Slide

Digital slides can be produced in any program that can create a JPEG or PNG file, such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Publisher, Photo Shop, etc. 

The minimum requirements are outlined below, along with links to customizable templates you can use. 

Once you've created your digital slide, select "Submit A Digital Sign" to share your file and enter it into the queue for display on campus monitors.

Minimum Requirements

Standard Digital Slide

  • Must be in JPEG or PNG format
  • Aspect Ratio must be 16 x 9, that is 1920px x 1080px at 72 dpi
  • For readability, signage should limit the number of elements (text and graphic images)
  • Use fonts larger than 24 font, use no more than 10 lines of text, enlist bullet points to make content scannable
  • Must not contain any element into digital signage content that violates copyright laws
  • Must not contain solid red background, this is reserved for Emergency Communications only

Video Digital Slide

  • 60 seconds or less in length and may not contain audio
  • Submitted in any of 3 formats, including: mpeg, mov, or mp4 file types