In MarComm OneStop, submission to WSU Update has been folded into two comprehensive request forms--the Promote an Event form and the Tell a Story form-- that guide you through all of your publication options.

Once you've submitted your request, learn when your information will be published in WSU Update

When to Use the "Promote an Event" Form

Use the Promote an Event form when you want to spread the word about a guest speaker, fundraiser, travel study meeting, etc. If it has a time, date, place and you want people on campus to attend, then this is the request form to use. 

The Promote an Event form includes the option to request an update to your department webpage with your event information. Be sure to include your webpage URL and specific web content updates in the "Changes Requested" section. 

The Promote an Event form also includes the option to request the creation of promotional materials. Please note that the design and production of these materials can take anywhere from five days to more than three weeks, depending on the project, and there may be design and printing costs attached to your request. (Learn more at "How long does it take to Design a Project?") 

Also, if you request a "digital slide," please be sure either to attach the digital sign you've created (view minimum requirements here) or include your specific content for the slide (title, main bullet points and information, images, logos) as well as your cost center so Creative Services can create one for you.

When to Use the "Tell a Story" Form

Use the Tell a Story form when you have news or announcements that you want to share with campus. This could be something like a faculty member receiving an award, students who are participating in interesting projects etc. 

The Tell a Story form also includes options for news blog, ehome and spotlight tabs on the website. As with the Promote an Event form, you are not guaranteed publication in the news blog or in the ehome and spotlight tabs. These publication channels are curated at the editorial discretion of the WSU Marketing and Communications team. 

Additional Promotional Opportunities

All "Promote An Event" and "Tell A Story" requests will be reviewed by the WSU Marketing and Communications team for additional promotional opportunities such as media releases, social media promotion, web spotlights, the alumni magazine, etc. Please highlight, where appropriate, the impact your event or story submission will have on recruitment, retention, and other institutional priorities. Use the "Additional Information" section as needed to outline content for consideration.